Meet Edison the LEGO compatible robot.

Edison is the super affordable robot for learning and inventing. Edison is Lego compatible, easy to program and has built-in programs that are activated by driving over bar codes.
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I-BOT Robot Kit from Microbric - Line follower robot, bump robot and remote control robot

Get Replacement Parts for your I-BOT robot kit from the Microbric online shop or get the I-BOT's successor The Microbot Robot Kit.

The Microbot robot is great fun and a fantastic robot for educational robotics in schools, colleges and universities.

About the I-BOT Robot

The I-BOT robot was a revolutionary promotional robot kit released in 2005, by Microbric in conjunction with ‘The Adelaide Advertiser’ newspaper. Each day during the two week promotion tokens were printed in the newspaper. These tokens were used to redeem a sequence of fourteen I-BOT packs. Day by day, pack by pack, the I-BOT could be constructed until it was fully functional by day 14.

The I-BOT robot has a host of pre-programmed functions that are activated by driving the robot over special barcodes. The I-BOT can also be controlled using a standard TV/DVD remote control.

I-BOT robot reading a barcode          I-BOT robot controlled by an infrared remote control
The I-BOT robot's pre-programmed functions are:
  • Driving Functions - Drive Forward, Drive Backward, Spin Left, Spin Right, Turn Left, Turn Right
  • Line Follower Robot- The I-BOT robot can follow a black line on a white surface
  • Drive In Line Robot - The I-BOT robot uses the line tracker to drive within black borders on a white surface
  • Remote control Robot – Command the Ai2 robot using a standard TV/DVD remote control
  • Play Music – Two tunes
  • Bump Robot - Using the bump sensors, the I-BOT robot can detect & move around obstacles in its path
  • Plus much more…
In addition to the pre-programmed functions, the I-BOT robot kit has the ability to be completely custom controlled and programmed using Microbric’s ‘I-BOT Icon Language’ software. This powerful and easy to use software enables the user to create simple programs within minutes.

I-BOT robot programming screen shot

Complete I-BOT robot kits are no longer available, however spare parts are available from Microbric's online shop.

How to build your I-BOT robot kit    How to opertate your I-BOT robot kit    Program your I-BOT robot kit with the I-BOT's programming software